It started with scones but ended up being so much more...

We strive to preserve the culture of tea time and the art of fine conversation with the best scones in the world.

Our Tea Room has become a favorite for anyone that enjoys conversation over traditional tea and scones, while being surrounded by art and decorations filled with history, love, and memories.

We offer freshly-made lunch selections in our tea room with menu items including many unique varieties of quiche, veggie frittata, and much more!

My mission was to create the most delicious scone in the world and I believe I have succeeded! Try them for yourself and see!

Love & Sugar,

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Top Sellers This Month

  • Cherry Almond Scones

    Cherry almond scones are made with maraschino cherries. Almond extract is added, and an almond glaze. This is a all year long favorite.
    Pack of 12 scones (18 oz)

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  • PICK YOUR OWN Scones

    An assortment of 12 fresh scones!

    Let us know in the notes which flavors you would like! Select up to 6 from the list below:

    • Seasonal
    • White Chocolate Cherry
    • Cranberry Apricot
    • Fresh Lemon
    • European Classic
    • White Chocolate Raspberry
    • Apricot-Filled Lemon
    • Vanilla Bean
    • Cinnamon Raisin
    • Cherry Almond
    • Chocolate Delicious
    • Lemon Blueberry
    • Chocolate Toffee
    • Date Walnut

    Although we do our best to accommodate your selections, some flavors may be substituted if they are out of season/stock.

    Pack of 12 scones (18 oz)

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  • Scottish Shortbread

    A buttery golden Scottish treat!
    Pack of 12-16 pieces (18 oz total)

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Scrumptious Assorted Scones
The Royal Treat Tea Room