Tea Party Checklist: Everything You Need for High Tea

You’ve set the date, sent out the invitations, and have RSVPs from everyone. Your Tea Party is officially happening and you need to make sure it goes off without a hitch. 

Fear not, for we’ve done literally thousands of tea parties and have come up with this list of items that will make your party go smoothly and make it an experience to remember.

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Table of Contents

1. Tea Kettle

A tea kettle is a must-have item for any tea party because it helps you boil water quickly and efficiently, ensuring that you can make the perfect cup of tea for you and your guests.

But a tea kettle isn’t just practical, it can also be a fun and stylish addition to your tea party setup! There are so many different types of tea kettles available, from classic stove-top kettles to electric kettles with playful and modern designs. We prefer the classic stovetop design but electric kettles will do just fine.

With a tea kettle, you can control the temperature of the water, which is important for brewing different types of tea. And let’s be honest, there’s just something so satisfying about hearing the whistle of a tea kettle and pouring hot water over your favorite tea leaves or tea bags.


Skip all the fancy stuff and stick with the basics. Stick this 6-cup Stewart Tea Kettle on the stove to quickly heat water with an old-fashion whistle and cool-touch handle.


The gooseneck spout on this 5-cup stovetop kettle makes pouring a breeze and the built-in thermometer allows you to pour the perfect temperature water for your tea.


Impress your guests with this beautiful and enormous 12 cup stovetop tea kettle. Available in multiple designs and an 8-cup option, the almost-perfect rating is well-deserved.

Honorable Mention

Although we prefer stovetop kettles, an electric kettle is an easy, safe, an energy efficient way to heat your water as well! Which do you prefer?

2. Tea

Now that you’re able to get water to the temperature required for hot tea, it’s time to get the actual tea. After all, what would a Tea Party be without tea?

Tea has a magical way of bringing people together and creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. There’s nothing quite like the aroma of freshly brewed tea, the clinking of teacups, and the sound of friendly conversation. The process of brewing and serving tea in itself is a lovely ritual that adds to the overall charm of the tea party.

Tea is available as tea bags or, preferably, loose-leaf. Tea leaves tend to be fresher than tea bags you find on the shelves of grocery stores. One way to ensure fresh tea bags is to order them directly from the manufacturer. Otherwise, we would recommend loose-leaf tea.

There are 6 different types of tea and the time and occasion of your Tea Party will dictate which ones you should have. Each one has its own distinct flavors and aromas so you’re sure to find one for everyone.

Black tea is a classic favorite in the Western world, with its bold and robust flavor that pairs perfectly with milk and sugar any time of day.

If you’re looking for something lighter and fresher, try green tea – it’s popular in Asia and has a delightful, vegetal taste that’s perfect for sipping on a sunny day.

Oolong tea is a bit of a mystery, as it falls somewhere between green and black tea in terms of flavor and caffeine content. It has a complex and intriguing flavor profile that can range from floral to nutty.

White tea, on the other hand, is the gentlest of them all – it’s made from young tea leaves and buds, and has a delicate and subtle flavor that’s perfect for a relaxing afternoon.

For something a bit more exotic, try pu-erh tea – a fermented tea that’s popular in China. It has a strong and earthy taste, and is often aged for several years before being enjoyed.

Lastly, herbal tea is a caffeine-free option that’s made from a variety of herbs, fruits, and spices. There are endless varieties to choose from, like chamomile, peppermint, and rooibos.


If you’ve been to our Tea Rooms, you know how we love Stash! Try a “Blue Ribbon Box” Sampler with 52 bags from a registered Amazon Small Business.


Harney & Sons has long been recognized as a pioneer and leader in the world of tea. This deal gets you 10 bags of 14 different types of their coveted tea.


This organic tea tasting assortment from Tea Forte is 40 assorted handcrafted pyramid tea bags in a gift box with different types of black, herbal, oolong, green, & white teas.

Honorable Mention

This Stash Bamboo Gift Box is the perfect treat for a tea lover in your family, with 80 tea bags in a quaint wooden box to display and store it in. 

3. Tea Caddy

A tea caddy is a container used to store and display tea leaves and is useful to have at your tea party.

It helps keep the tea leaves fresh by protecting them from light, air, and moisture, which affects the quality and flavor of the tea over time. This is especially important for preserving high-quality loose leaf teas.

A tea caddy can also be an elegant and decorative addition to your tea party setup. Many tea caddies are beautifully designed and can add a touch of sophistication to the event as an admirable decoration and conversation starter.


This is a great option if you’re planning to use tea bags. It has 8 compartments and can fit over 80 tea bags. The clear top makes it easy to make your selection


This Vintage Victorian Tea Tin also comes with 240 tea bags and is illustrated with Victorian teaware and intricate gold embossing throughout.


This beautiful ceramic tea caddy is perfect for your loose teas and available in over a dozen designs and multiple sizes to fit all of your favorite teas.

Honorable Mention

This unique stick-on tea caddy fits anywhere you can stick it: cabinets, drawers, shelves, your car, even the side of a basket. Add a tea caddy to anything!

4. Measuring Spoon

A tea measuring spoon might seem like a small and insignificant tool but it can make a big difference in the success of your tea party. You don’t want to fumble with a kitchen spoon or eyeball the tea – you can simply measure it out quickly and efficiently. This frees up more time for you to enjoy your tea party and chat with your guests!

Using a tea measuring spoon also ensures that everyone gets the same delicious and consistent cup of tea; you don’t have to worry about using too little or too much tea, which can result in a weak or bitter cup. This is especially important if you have a variety of guests with different tastes – you want to make sure that everyone enjoys the same quality and flavor of tea to start with and allow them to add milk and sugar to their liking. You can be confident that you’re using the right amount every time, and your guests will appreciate the care and attention to detail.

Don’t underestimate the power of a tea measuring spoon! Here are some you might like:


This Borosilicate Glass Tea Scoop is BPA-free, lead-free, microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and will not smell or stain.


Get 2 of these Vintage style tea scoops for multiple types of tea. Their unique shovel design makes it super easy to scoop and makes each one a big one!


Impress your guests with this beautiful wooden Marrakesh tea measuring spoon with a tablespoon measurement on one side and teaspoon on the other.

Honorable Mention

These coffee scoops also work great for tea! With 3 of them, you’ll have enough for all your teas and the stainless steel won’t rust, bend, or break!

5. Infusers & Strainers

Infusers are used to steep tea leaves in hot water, which is how you get that delicious tea flavor and aroma. Using an infuser ensures that the tea is brewed to perfection, which is especially important if you have guests with different tea preferences. Plus, infusers come in all sorts of cute designs, so they can add a fun and playful touch to your tea set-up!

Strainers are used to filter out any loose tea leaves or debris that may have gotten into the tea. Nobody wants a mouthful of tea leaves or debris in their cup, so using a strainer is key to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable tea experience. Plus, strainers can be super pretty, so they can also serve as a decorative element at your tea party!

Using an infuser and strainer just makes serving tea easier and more convenient. Nobody wants to be fishing out tea leaves from their cup or dealing with any unwanted bits and pieces in their tea. By using these tools, you can ensure that your guests have a hassle-free and enjoyable tea experience!


This 3-pack of tea infuser balls come with little handles that are used to open the ball and easily remove it from the hot tea.


Rösle has been making kitchenware since 1888 and their high-quality strainer will catch any tea leaves or debris you pour through it.


This adorable set of 3 drop-in infusers come with animal pendants to differentiate teas and drip trays to catch any drops when you’re done with them

Honorable Mention

This insulated thermos tumbler comes with a removable infuser for tea, coffee, and fruit infusions.

6. Tea Pots

Tea pots are the perfect vessel for serving tea to a group of people. They allow you to brew a large amount of tea all at once, which is great if you have a lot of guests or you want to avoid making individual cups of tea. Plus, tea pots keep the tea hot and ready to pour, so your guests can enjoy a fresh and delicious cup of tea at any time during the party.

Let’s not forget about the aesthetics of a tea pot! They come in so many beautiful designs, colors, and materials, which means you can really personalize your tea party and make it your own. Whether you want a classic and elegant tea pot or a more quirky and playful one, there’s a tea pot out there for everyone.

Another great thing about having a tea pot is that it allows you to serve a variety of tea flavors and types to your guests. You can offer black tea, green tea, herbal tea, and so much more! This ensures that there’s something for everyone, and adds a fun and exploratory element to your party.

Using a tea pot is a nod to the long and rich tradition of tea drinking. It’s a reminder of the cultural heritage and history behind this beloved beverage, and adds a touch of nostalgia and warmth to your party.


This beautiful tea pot holds 5.5 cups of tea and is available in 3 different designs.


This Japanese cast iron tea pot holds 5 cups of tea and has a cool-touch handle. Choose from 7 different designs!


This vintage-inspired tea pot has a natural walnut handle that is cool to the touch and holds 6 cups of tea!

Honorable Mention

This unique teapot comes with a teacup! The top is the teapot and the bottom is used as a matching cup.

7. Tea Cups with Saucers

Let’s talk about the practical benefits of using teacups with saucers. They’re really handy for catching any drips or spills from the cup, which is especially important when you’re dealing with hot tea. The saucer also provides a convenient spot to put your teaspoon or tea bag once you’re done with them.

Teacup sets can also be beautiful! There are so many fun and creative designs to choose from, so you can really personalize your tea party and make it your own. Whether you want classic and elegant teacups, or more playful and whimsical ones, there’s a teacup out there for everyone.

It’s also a great way to give your guests a sense of formality and sophistication. It’s a little touch that shows you really care about making your tea party feel special and memorable. And let’s not forget tradition – they’ve been used for centuries in tea-drinking cultures all around the world, so you’ll be carrying on a long and rich history when you use them at your party.


Avail this great deal to get a set of 8 cups and saucers! Although they’re made of porcelain, it’s still a great option!


For tea sets, bone china is the way to go! Get 4 of these European-style cups, saucers, and gold spoons!


If you’re looking for the classic Victorian tea cups, this set of 6 bone china cups will check off everything on your list.

Honorable Mention

This is Poppy Angeloff’s Cat’s Meow Collection. You won’t be dissapointed.

8. Tea Tray or Serving Platter

A tea tray is really convenient! It’s a great way to carry everything you need to serve tea to your guests, all in one easy-to-carry tray. You can use it to transport your teapot, cups, saucers, sugar bowl, milk jug, and any other accessories you might need. This makes it much easier to move around your tea party and serve your guests without having to make multiple trips back and forth to the kitchen.

But a tea tray is more than just practical – it can also be a stylish and fun way to add some personality to your tea party! There are so many different kinds of tea trays to choose from, so you can really customize your setup to match your theme and personal style.

Using a tea tray can also help you stay organized and keep everything in one place. This can be especially important if you’re serving a lot of guests or if you have limited space to work with. With a tea tray, you can keep everything neatly arranged and easily accessible for your guests.


This small bamboo is the perfect size for one person with space for a teapot, cup with saucer, and small plate.


This large Japanese tray is designed to look beautiful and collect any spills in its hidden drain pipes.


This antique silver Ottoman serving tray is heavy, durable, intricately designed, and made in Europe!

Honorable Mention

These eco-friendly bamboo trays fit together and can be used for anything, from tea to crafts!

9. Tea Cozy

A tea cozy is a great way to keep your tea warm and delicious throughout your tea party. Whether you’re serving hot black tea, soothing herbal tea, or fragrant green tea, a cozy will help to retain the heat and prevent your tea from getting cold. Your guests will appreciate being able to enjoy their tea at the perfect temperature, and you’ll love not having to constantly reheat or replace your tea.

But a tea cozy is more than just practical – it can also be a stylish and charming addition to your tea party decor! From cute and whimsical to elegant and sophisticated, a tea cozy can add a touch of personality and warmth to your tea party setup.

Another benefit of using a tea cozy is that it can help to protect your guests’ hands from the hot surface of the teapot. When you remove the lid of a teapot that’s been sitting for a while, the surface can be quite hot to the touch. A cozy helps to insulate the pot and prevent any accidental burns or spills, making your tea party a safer and more comfortable experience for everyone.

Using a tea cozy is also a great way to be save money and be more environmentally conscious and reduce your energy usage. By keeping your tea warm, you can avoid having to constantly reheat your pot or make a fresh pot of tea with more tea leaves. This saves time, energy, and resources, and is a small but important step towards creating a more sustainable future.


This cotton polyester tea cozy is available in an adorable cat or penguin design and fits most 6-8 inch tea pots.


This handmade, needle-felted Nepalese wool and cotton cozy fits tea pots and french presses. 


This British cotton cozy is available in vintage floral blue or pink and fits most standard tea pots.

Honorable Mention

For those who love all things British, this tea cozy features Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s emblem.

10. Tea Light Candles

One of the primary reasons to use tea light candles is to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The soft, flickering light of tea lights can add a cozy and romantic feel to your tea party, and make your guests feel relaxed and comfortable.

Tea light candles also make wonderful decorations for your tea party. You can place them in pretty candle holders, scatter them around your table, or use them to illuminate floral arrangements or other centerpieces. They come in a variety of colors and scents, so you can choose ones that match your party’s theme or mood.

In addition to being decorative, tea light candles also provide functional light. If your tea party is in the evening or in a dimly lit room, tea lights can help to provide some extra illumination so your guests can see what they’re eating or drinking.

Tea light candles can be also used to keep food warm! You can place small dishes or teapots on top of tea light warmers to keep them heated throughout your party. This is especially useful for items like butter, syrup, or gravy, which can cool quickly.


This 100-pack of unscented, dripless, smokeless paraffin tea candles are the perfect economical option.


If you’d rather not have to deal with fire, this 24-pack of battery-operated tea candles are the best option.


This eco-friendly set of 12 tea candles is made from organic yellow beeswax and each candle burns for ~4 hours!

Honorable Mention

These adorable mini-lanterns with a battery-powered flickering light will put your tea party miles ahead!

11. Teapot Warmer

The primary reason for using a teapot warmer is to keep your tea hot for longer. Tea cools down quickly once it’s poured, and a teapot warmer can help to maintain the temperature of your tea so that you and your guests can enjoy a hot cup throughout your party.

Teapot warmers can also add a decorative element to your tea party. They come in a variety of styles and designs, so you can choose one that matches your party’s theme or aesthetic.

They can also help to protect your table or other surfaces from heat damage. By placing your teapot on a warmer, you reduce the risk of the hot teapot causing damage to your tablecloth or other items on your table.

Aside from teapots, teapot warmers can also be used to keep small dishes or sauces warm. You can place a small bowl or dish on the warmer to keep it heated throughout your party.


Stick a real tea candle in this cast iron teapot warmer to keep your teapot warm for hours! Available in 5 designs and rust-proof.


Another one you need a tea candle for, this ceramic teapot warmer has a cork cushion to keep your teapot safe!


Available in gold and silver, this simple design uses a tea candle to warm teapots with a base less than 5.9 inches.

Honorable Mention

A beautiful accessory for glass teapots , it’s chemical free with no BPA or lead and dishwasher safe!

12. Tea Towels

Accidents can happen during a tea party, and a tea towel can be used to quickly wipe up any spills or drips. This helps to keep your table and other surfaces clean and presentable for your guests.

Tea towels can also be used to handle hot items, such as teapots or teacups, without burning your hands. This is particularly useful if you’re serving tea in a traditional teapot with a handle that can get hot. A cute oven mitt will also work!

After your tea party is over, you can use a tea towel to dry dishes, cups, and utensils. This helps to ensure that your dishes are clean and dry for your next use.

Choose a tea towel that matches your party’s theme or color scheme to add a pop of color or pattern to your table setting.


No reason to be super fancy when cleaning up spills; this 12-pack is soft, absorbent, and made from 100% cotton.


This premium set of six towels are ultra soft, oversized, and highly absorbent. it’s like dining at a fine tea room!


These beautiful and soft kitchen towels from Maison d’Hermine are 100% cotton and quick-drying.

Honorable Mention

Get six of these enormous Turkish hand towels that can be used for everything from tea to the gym.

13. Tablecloth

A tablecloth helps protect the table from spills, stains, and scratches. During a tea party, there is a high probability of spills and drips, and a tablecloth can help to prevent them from ruining your table.

It can also add an elegant and sophisticated touch to your tea party. It’s an easy way to dress up your table and create a formal atmosphere for your guests.

Tablecloths come in a wide variety of fabrics, patterns, and colors. By selecting a tablecloth that complements your party’s theme or color scheme, you can create a cohesive and stylish look for your tea party.

A tablecloth is much easier to clean than a table. If something spills or drips during your tea party, you can quickly remove the tablecloth and wash it without having to worry about cleaning the table.

This versatile accessory can be used for other occasions beyond tea parties. You can use it for formal dinners, family gatherings, or other special events.


A simple, clean, stain-resistant, wrinkle-proof polyester table cloth in pure white contrast.


Available in multiple colors and sizes, this tablecloth is wrinkle-free, anti-fading, and  has tassels!


With dozens of color and size combinations, this premium quality linen tablecloth is machine washable.

Honorable Mention

Take your party outside with this exquisite spill-proof tablecloth form Benson Mills.

14. Thermometer

Different types of tea require different brewing temperatures for the best taste. For example, green tea should be brewed at a lower temperature than black tea. A thermometer can help ensure that the water temperature is just right for the tea you’re serving, resulting in a better taste and flavor, and that its at a safe temperature for consumption, particularly if you’re serving children or elderly guests.

It will also help you achieve consistent brewing results. By maintaining a consistent water temperature, you can ensure that every cup of tea you serve tastes the same and meets your guests’ expectations.

Using a thermometer allows for precise temperature control, which is particularly important for delicate teas like green or white teas. These teas can easily become bitter or astringent if the water is too hot, so a thermometer can help prevent over-brewing.


Just place this simple thermometer right into your teapot or cup. No batteries required!


This probe thermometer is waterproof and battery powered, perfect tea, grilling, and more! 


This simple thermometer has a removable clip to attach to a cup and doesn’t use batteries.

Honorable Mention

This folding thermometer has a backlit display, magnetic backing, and fast reading!

15. Timer

Different types of tea require different brewing times to achieve the best taste. Using a timer can help ensure that each cup of tea you serve has been brewed for the correct amount of time, resulting in a consistent taste and quality. It takes the guesswork out of the brewing process and allows you to focus on other aspects of your tea party.

It will also help you achieve the precise brewing times for different types of tea. This is particularly important for delicate teas like green and white teas, which can easily become bitter or astringent if over-brewed.

A timer can help you manage the brewing time for multiple cups of tea at once. This can be especially helpful if you are serving a large group of guests.


This super strong, stainless steel timer will last and works for your tea and anything else you need to time.


You’re probably brewing multiple pots of different teas and this set allows you to set a timer for each one.


This trio tea timer includes 3 hourglasses for different teas, 2, 3, and 5 minutes! A must-have for tea enthusiasts.

Honorable Mention

This kitchen timer has 3 digital timers in one, perfect for everything from tea to thanksgiving.

16. Scones

There are many different treats and foods you can serve at your tea party but none are more important than scones! 

Scones have been a staple of traditional British tea service for centuries, and are now a beloved part of tea culture worldwide. Serving scones at your tea party will add a touch of authenticity and tradition to the event.

They are also the perfect pairing for tea, as they have a mild and slightly sweet flavor that complements the tea without overpowering it. Scones can also be served with various spreads like jam, butter, or clotted cream, providing a delicious accompaniment to your tea.

Hosting a successful tea party requires careful planning and preparation, as well as having the right equipment and tools on hand. Each item on this list plays a crucial role in achieving the perfect cup of tea for your guests and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. The right decor and serving pieces can enhance the overall experience for your guests.

Remember, high tea is about more than just tea – it’s about bringing people together to enjoy each other’s company and indulge in delicious treats. By investing in the right equipment and taking the time to prepare, you can create a memorable and enjoyable experience for you and your guests.

So, gather your tea set, select your favorite teas, and invite your guests to enjoy a relaxing afternoon of high tea. Cheers to a delightful and delicious event!

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